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Position Description  

Developers will maintain the Back Office applications (CMS, CRM ...) and service delivery systems and implement the new changes to the current applications. They will also integrate with the 3rd party systems (Such as payment gateways, and authentication systems) and manage the migrations 

• Be detail-oriented with excellent organizational and time management skills (expected to self-manage your tasks, time and the expectations you have set with the rest of the team and the rest of the company), 
• Have a customer-focused attitude, with excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills, 
• Open mind and willingness to learn from peers, and help them grow as engineers, 
• Bring new ideas to the table, 
• Fluent in English, 

İş tanımı
Experienced in: 
• At least 5 years related work experience, 
• Excellent Object Oriented Programming skills, emphasis on writing modular, scalable code that exhibits the principles of SOLID, 
• Deep understanding of application architecture and development in .NET/Service Oriented models, .NET framework, CLR and C#, including strong knowledge of core libraries and common design patterns, 
• Extensive server side development knowledge and skills in Soap and REST based 
API development for middleware services, 
• Windows service development, 
• Web API, Web application and WinForms application development is a plus, • Development using frameworks such as ServiceStack, Spring/Spring.Net, etc. 
• Development and operation of large scale high concurrent systems,  
• Database modeling and development in Oracle PL/SQL, MySql, 
• NoSQL database development using MongoDB, Cassandra, AWS (Amazon Web Services) DynamoDb, 
• Asynchronous systems using queue based pub/sub systems such as Kafka, 
RabbitMQ, Redis Queue, AWS SQS and AWS Kinesis, 
• Architecting complex systems that are optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, 
• Operating systems (Windows and Linux), tools and utilities, software integration, systems design, application design and development methods, 
• Gathering and analyzing user requirements, operational readiness, service level agreements and system support of a continuous operating environment, • Knowledge of security and compliance, specifically PCI compliance, 

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